Percentage calculator online

Percentage Calculator allows you to perform a variety of calculations when working with percent online. Every day we face different calculations: discounts, taxes, finances, and statistics. This calculator is designed specifically to calculate such percentages and can help you:

Percentage calculation

Round to decimal places

Find a percentage of the number


To find the percentage x of a number, you need to multiply this number by a fraction x100

For example, when paying for a purchase of 1000 rubles, a 5% cashback will be returned to your card. Find the absolute value of the cashback:

1000 · 5100 = 1000 · 0,05 = 50

Thus, 50 rubles will be returned to the card.

Calculate how many percent is the number X of the number Y

from number

To calculate the percentage of numbers, you need to divide one number into another and multiply by 100%.

For example, a car tank is designed for 52l. Currently there are 13l in the tank. We can calculate how many liters are left as a percentage.

1352 · 100% = 0,25 · 100 = 25%

Thus, the tank of the car fits 25% of it's total volume.

Add percentage to the number

% to the number

To add x percent to the number, you need to multiply this number by (1 + x100)

For example, Ivan receives 45.000 rubles per month excluding tax. The tax in the Russian Federation is 13%. We calculate how much Ivan receives with tax.

45000 · (1 + 13100) = 45000 · 1,13 = 50850

Thus, taking into account the tax, Ivan receives 50.850 rubles.

Subtract percentage from a number

% of

To subtract from the number x percent, you need to multiply this number by (1 - x100)

For example, a coffee machine costs 7.300 rubles. The store made an 8% discount on it. We can calculate how much the coffee machine will cost, taking into account the discount.

7300 · (1 - 8100) = 7300 · 0,92 = 6716

Thus, a coffee machine will cost 6.716 rubles.

Find 100 percent

% is
then 100% will be 20

If the number x consists y percent, then you can find 100 percent by multiplying the number x by 100y

For example, Ilya transfers files from the device to the cloud. In 8 minutes, 40% of the files were sent. We can find out how long the transfer process takes:

8 · 10040 = 5 · 2,5 = 20

We can see that the transfer process of all files takes 20 minutes.

Calculate how many percent one number is more than another

The number
is greater than
per 75%

To calculate how many percent one number is greater than the other, you need to divide the first number by the second, multiply the result by 100 and subtract 100.

For example, Fusilli pasta costs 140 rubles, and Barilla pasta costs 80 rubles. We can find how many percent Fusilli pasta is more expensive:

14080 · 100 - 100 = 1,75 * 100 - 100 = 175 - 100 = 75%

Thus, Fusilli pasta is 75% more expensive than Barilla pasta.

Calculate how many percent one number is less than another

The number
is less than
per 15%

To calculate how many percent one number is less than another, you need to subtract from 100 the ratio of the first to the second number multiplied by 100.

For example, freelance designer Matt earned 80.000 rubles in November, and 68.000 rubles in December. Let’s find how many percent Matt earned less in December than in November:

100 - 6800080000 · 100 = 100 - 0,85 * 100 = 100 - 85 = 15%

Thus, in December Matt earned 15% less than in November.